Battery Storage Systems

Solar panels on a roof on a cloudy but bright day

Battery Storage attached to Solar PV installations in Commercial premises is a rapidly growing trend.

It has become popular for several reasons:

  • 1

    Increased Savings

    Maximising usage of Solar generated PV – using the electricity is far more valuable than exporting it for a relatively low rate per kWh
  • 2

    Two battery cycles a day

    Many electricity companies offer low overnight rates during which batteries can be charged to avoid more expensive day time rates.
  • 3

    Peak shaving

    Battery storage can be manipulated to discharge during times of very high/peak usage. This is particularly useful when very high usage is charged at very high punitive rates.
  • 4

    Grid services

    Sometimes Energy suppliers are prepared to offer financial rewards for battery discharge in times of general grid peak demand or for using less electricity during these hours.

Amelio Solar Energy is experienced at installing both DC and AC coupled battery storage systems. These can be housed in their own internal or external cabinets or otherwise larger battery systems tend to be housed in their own steel containers complete with air conditioning!

Smaller battery units of up to 90kWh are available in internal or external rated cabinets with 1 or two racks of batteries plus their control units. They should be located in well ventilated spaces and will require connection to the incoming mains as well as having control cables to the PV array.

Systems are App controlled for ease of monitoring and changing settings e.g., for nighttime charging.

Amelio and EV Camel battery box

Containerised battery storage systems can come in different sized containers according to battery system size. Sometimes installing a larger container is helpful to account for battery expansion in the future.

Typical system sizes are from 200kWh to 2.8mWh in a single container – even multiple containers can be connected together.

Containers come complete with full insulation and lining, lighting, small power, air conditioning and fire detection/suppression safety measures. Other options include external cladding and lighting and the use of recycled batteries.

An Alpha container
A containerised battery storage diagram.

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