Solar Panel servicing

An array of solar panels.

What do you get at a service visit?

We recommend servicing of Solar Panel systems regularly: once a year for commercial premises and once every 3 years for the homeowner.

So, what do you get at a service visit:

  • 1

    Firstly, we provide peace of mind that your system is operating properly and safely.
  • 2

    We use specialised equipment to test all DC and AC circuits and check for faults.
  • 3

    We test the operation of the inverter and check where we can for any historic errors since the previous inspection.
  • 4

    We lubricate any fans and check for clean running.
  • 5

    We check the production of the system and make sure that it is producing in line with expectations – this is made easier if we have information about the performance each year.
  • 6

    We undertake a brief visual inspection of the array from ground level or with safe roof access for any visible issues or defects (this does not extend to removing panels or lifting trunking lids etc.)
  • 7

    We provide a Service Report so that you know that your system has been properly serviced and that you can prove it to your building insurer.
  • 8

    Finally, we make any recommendations as may be needed for improvements in safety measures and advise on any upgrades such as optimisation or battery storage that you may be considering.
An array of solar panels after cleaning.

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