Inverter and Battery Solutions from Fox ESS

Invest in an Alpha inverter and battery system and achieve energy independence.

A home in Lincolnshire with an array of solar panels installed by Amelio Solar Energy.

The range we install regularly is the H1 series inverter and battery system which features an intelligent modular design and 24/7 monitoring both online and via the Fox App.

It can be connected with the ECS range of batteries – typically 2.9kWh, 4.1kWh and 4.8kWh which are installed on a modular basis (minimum 2 batteries) to provide the optimum sizing for each situation. A minimum of 2 batteries must be installed up to a maximum of 7.

Fox ESS diagram of the solar workflow

Advantages of Fox system

Modular Design
24/7 product lifetime monitoring
Charging from the grid using off peak electricity
Up to 33.6kWh
Up to 15kWp Solar PV input
Full App control

Fox Battery System

Available in 4.8kWh or 2.9kWh units. This is an excellent DC coupled battery solution that offers: Easy connection with Fox ESS Inverter system. Flexible installation: floor-mount, indoor or outdoor. Charging from the sun in summer and charging overnight using lower cost off-peak electricity in winter Full App control. Up to 7 Batteries per inverter – minimum of 2 batteries are required per inverter.

A Fox Battery System

MyEnergi Eddi Immersion Heat Controller

The Eddi is a great, easy to use controller. It diverts spare solar generated electricity that would otherwise be exported to the immersion heater in a hot water cylinder. It is a best-in-class product that is made in the UK and comes with a 3-year warranty. It can also work in conjunction with battery storage and comes with the excellent MyEnergi App.

MyEnergi Eddi Immersion Heat Controller

MyEnergi Zappi Tethered EVCharge Point, 7kW

The Zappi is a great, easy to use charge point that helps maximise use of the electricity generated from a Solar PV system. It has many other features including dynamic load management and a pin-code lock function to keep the charge point private. There is also the MyEnergi App which allows management and control of the charge point.

MyEnergi Zappi Tethered EV charge Point

Achieve electricity freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom