Burton Hathow Preparatory School 

Solar panels on the roof of Burton Hathow Preparatory School

Burton Hathow Preparatory School  is an award-winning preparatory school in Saxilby, Lincoln.  At the time the school was founded Amelio installed a biomass boiler, however the school had to wait for the installation of 3-phase electricity before solar panels could be added.

In 2015 the school identified the funding that could be used to progress the installation and with some funding support from Amelio Energy a 13.78kWp solar PV installation was completed on the front of the school.  The ever growing school now benefits from reduced bills as well as from the Government’s Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff.

The SolarEdge inverter not only optimises the solar production, but the SafeDC technology also helps optimise safety in a school environment.  The monitoring portal is also available to the school for maths and science lessons.

Richard Jones, Director of Amelio Energy, delivered some sustainability lessons for pupils at the school so they were aware of what had been installed and how they fitted into the bigger picture of the need to protect our environment.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom