Keeping your Solar Panels Shining Bright

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Protecting your Investment by regular maintenance

Welcome to Amelio Solar Energy’s maintenance service!

Solar panels are a fantastic investment, harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your energy bills and your environmental impact. But like any investment, they require a little care to keep them operating at peak efficiency. That’s where we come in!

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Why Maintain Your Solar Panels?

Regular maintenance ensures your solar panels are working effectively and generating the cleanest energy possible. Here’s what proper maintenance can do for you:


Regular inspections

Regular inspections can identify and fix minor issues before they become major problems. Safety aspects are also checked.


Insurance Compliance

Annual safety checks are usually a requirement of insurance policies for commercial Solar PV systems.


Safety First

Maintenance checks ensure all electrical components are functioning safely.

DIY Maintenance Tips

Here are some easy things you can do yourself to keep your solar panels in top shape:

Visual Inspections

Look for any cracks, chips, or discoloration on the panels themselves. Check for loose wiring or damaged mounting hardware.


Depending on your environment, you may need to clean your panels periodically. Use a gentle hose spray with lukewarm water and a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive sponges.

Seasonal Considerations

In winter, heavy snow can accumulate on your panels. If necessary, use a soft brush to remove it. Never use hot water or sharp objects.

Safety Note

If your solar panels are mounted on a roof, it’s important to prioritize safety when cleaning them. Consider using our professional cleaning service if you’re uncomfortable working at heights.

When to Call a Professional

For more comprehensive maintenance, we recommend scheduling a professional service and inspection every year for commercial installations. For homes an inspection every three years is probably more appropriate. One of our qualified technicians can perform a thorough service including:


Electrical Testing

Ensuring all electrical components are functioning correctly and safely.


Performance Monitoring

Analyzing your system’s output to identify any potential issues.


Cleaning Assessment

We can recommend the best cleaning frequency based on your location and environment and we can help with our professional cleaning service.

Amelio Solar Energy: Your Partner in Solar Maintenance

Here at Amelio Solar Energy, we offer a variety of solar panel maintenance plans to fit your needs. Our certified technicians can handle everything from routine cleaning to in-depth inspections and repairs.

Contact us today for a free consultation and keep your solar panels shining bright for years to come!

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