Retrofit Battery Storage Systems

A home in Lincolnshire with an array of solar panels installed by Amelio Solar Energy.

Why have solar battery storage?

Having a Solar Battery Storage System is now a desirable addition to many households’ Solar PV systems.

The Government has now dropped VAT from 20% to 0% – this results in a vastly improved Return on Investment.

So why is it so attractive? Why should you add battery storage to your existing Solar PV system?

How it works


Store excess energy from the day for use at night


Charge battery during off-peak hours


Costs from £4,000, now with NO VAT to pay!


Get paid for the energy you don’t use


Optional battery backup in blackouts

You may have an inverter manufactured by many brands such as SMA, Power-One, Aurora, ABB, Samil or Fronius.  If so, we would normally recommend an all-in-one battery from Alpha ESS.

These can be fitted in garages, utility rooms or externally.  We never recommend fitting any battery storage in roof spaces for reasons of safety as well as the practicalities.

If you have an inverter by SolarEdge then we will recommend one of their batteries so that you have the full benefits of the SolarEdge Home Hub systems.

We install batteries so that you can have all their benefits without losing your Feed-in Tariff.

A picture of a Alpha battery unit

Batteries from all manufacturers are designed to store the excess solar electricity generated during the day for use at night.

Companies such as Octopus with their Flux Tariff and now many others have been pioneering in offering cheap electricity at night. In winter this allows you to charge at night at a cheaper rate and then use this cheaper electricity in peak pricing hours.

So, you can now use that battery capacity all year to make a real difference to your electricity bills.

All the manufacturers we install including SolarEdge, Alpha ESS and Fox ESS are reliable and well established and have features that allow you to take advantage of these benefits.

A Apple mobile app showing a solar panel energy production for a home in Wilton, Lincolnshire.

Get in touch for a no-obligation battery suitability assessment

Premium Technology manufacturers such as SolarEdge go a step further in allowing you to keep the lights on during power cuts with their back up system.

They also have sophisticated machine-learning based firmware.  This allows the system to work out the likely weather conditions, your pattern of electricity use, etc. This then calculates how much to charge the battery during off peak hours and when not to do this and rely upon the sun to fill the battery each day.

Finally, battery storage allows you to participate in additional offers from electricity suppliers for one off savings event.  This is when you can get paid extra for not drawing as much electricity from the grid or even exporting to the grid.

A close up of a solar edge battery.

The perfect partner for electric vehicle charging

If you have an electric car or hybrid and would normally rely on charging it at night, then the right sized battery storage system combined with a suitable Solar PV system could help give you a much-reduced cost per mile of running your car. They key to this is having a sufficiently large Solar PV installation with battery storage capacity.

WARNING: Unfortunately, in the industry there are some installers who make false claims about the benefits of Battery Storage systems, so if you are interested in Battery Storage, please use a reputable MCS Accredited installer.

Retrofit Battery Storage System

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