Inverter and Battery Solutions from SolarEdge

Amelio Solar Energy is one of the largest SolarEdge installers in the UK.

A home in Lincolnshire with an array of solar panels installed by Amelio Solar Energy.
SolarEdge Inverters & Battery Storage Systems diagram.

Increased Power Production

Maximum panel power = more energy and more savings.

SolarEdge systems allow each panel to produce to the maximum of its capability…. therefore, more energy and more savings.

In a Solar PV system each panel can produce a different amount of electricity, but because each panel has an individual maximum power point, the differences between them can result in power losses.

With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels that are connected. With SolarEdge, each panel produces the maximum energy, and power losses are minimised.

Diagram explaining the increased power solution

Advanced Safety Features

Amelio Solar Energy install SolarEdge systems with advanced safety features including:

Safe Voltages: Optimisers that turn down DC voltage to a safe level when the PV system is turned off – Safe DC™

Surge Protection: the systems we install include DC and AC Surge Protection

Arc Detection: SolarEdge inverters have built in Arc Detection and when combined with Sense Connect™ optimisers. We install ArcBox™ for the on-site made electrical roof top connections. Finally, we install bird protection to seek to prevent debris build-up as well as birds/other animals to nest under panels – again helping long term fire protection.

SolarEdge dc optimized tech

Monitoring and Control of Electricity Usage

SolarEdge systems come with a free for life monitoring platform, so each system must be connected to the internet. It allows monitoring of the electricity bought from the grid as well as the solar electricity generated. It gives peace of mind that the system is working to its potential as well as allowing control of batteries and other smart devices.

The firmware is also upgraded from time to time bringing updates and improvements just like a smart phone.

A Apple mobile app showing a solar panel energy production for a home in Wilton, Lincolnshire.

Enhanced Warranties

SolarEdge offer longer term warranties than many other manufacturers. The inverter range has 12-year warranties as standard. This is an indication of the quality of the inverters as well as a benefit in itself – most inverter manufacturers only offer a 5-year warranty as standard.

Warranties can be extended to 25 years for their home range of inverters.

12-25 years inverter warranter badge.

Battery Storage

The SolarEdge Home Battery has been around for several years now and so reliability and performance are assured.

It has 9.7kWh of usable capacity and so suitable for most homes. We recommend positioning in garages, utility rooms or even outside a home. It can be fitted on a wall or with a floor stand.

The battery can be configured to charge only from solar generated electricity or from the grid using cheap overnight electricity.

Where the controls are different is that the system uses machine learning to optimise the benefits of the battery. This means that whilst in the depths of winter the battery might fully charge from the grid overnight, in the spring it would only charge according to predicted electricity usage/generation the next day. Further enhancements on this aspect are continually being developed.

A SolarEdge battery system.

SolarEdge Backup Interface

The SolarEdge Backup Interface is designed to work alongside their Home Hub Inverter and Battery Storage. It operates to automatically provide backup power to the home in the event of grid disruption. It all integrates with the MySolarEdge App.

A SolarEdge Backup Interface

SolarEdge Home Water Controller, 3kW

The SolarEdge Home Water Controller helps maximise self-consumption by storing excess solar generated electricity as hot water. It integrates perfectly with the MySolarEdge App and allows scheduling to use off peak electricity as well as excess solar electricity. Also available in a 5kW version.

SolarEdge Home Water Controller

SolarEdge Home Smart Switch and Home Load Controller

These handy devices are designed to control power to dedicated permanently connected appliances and low voltage control circuits. They integrate perfectly with the MySolarEdge App and allow scheduling to use off peak electricity as well as excess solar electricity.

SolarEdge Home Smart Switch and Home Load Controller

SolarEdge Tethered EV Charge Point,7.4kW

This is a great, easy to use charge point that helps maximise use of the electricity generated from a Solar PV system. It integrates perfectly with the MySolarEdge App and allows scheduling to use off peak electricity as well as excess solar electricity.

SolarEdge Tethered EV Charge Point

Achieve electricity freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom