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A home in Lincolnshire with an array of solar panels installed by Amelio Solar Energy.

Installing Solar Panels for your home need not be complex, but it is important you have the right solution – we guide you through the key stages.

We firstly consider whether Solar Panels and Battery Storage would suit your situation. We then advise you on the technology options and the complete installation process to ensure you have the best solution.

We will ensure the necessary certifications and approvals along with suitable warranties are in place. We help you understand your system how your system works, help you secure an export tariff (Smart Export Guarantee) and let you know what is needed to maintain the system in the future.

Step 1: Book a free no, obligation survey

We will have an initial discussion with you on the phone to learn more about your property and what you are trying to achieve. We will be pleased to answer your questions whether you are looking into installing Solar PV for the first time or whether you have already done some research. You can also check out our FAQ’s.

We can then arrange to visit you to discuss further and provide a no-obligation quotation.

Klaudia Kubanek, a team member at Lincolnshire's Amelio Solar Energy, smiling at her desk.

Step 2: Our Visit

A member of our friendly professional team will visit you and carefully look at your current electricity costs and patterns of usage over a typical week and year.

We will talk to you about where panels might be fitted and the suitable system size. You can get an idea of this in advance using our Solar Calculator.

We will discuss different types and manufacturers of panels and inverters to help you decide what would suit you best according to appearance, performance, and price. We install various manufacturers’ products and can independently advise on the available choices.

We can also discuss options such as battery storage, immersion heat controllers and EV Charge Points.

Graham Bell, a team member at Lincolnshire's Amelio Solar Energy, talking to a homeowner.

Step 3: A Quotation

Within a few days, we will send you a design and a no-obligation quotation. It will contain details of the system discussed during our visit, including any options that may be of benefit, such as battery storage or warranty extensions.

We will follow up with you to check you have received our proposals and to answer any questions you have. There will be no pressure to proceed; however, if you would like to take advantage of the benefits of Solar PV, then we would be delighted to get the ball rolling.

A Amelio Solar Energy Solar PV Quotation.

Step 4: Planning the Installation

If you would like to proceed, we will send you a contract with an invoice for the deposit – this is insurance-protected.

We will then plan a suitable date to undertake the installation, organise the scaffolding and confirm what to expect when we arrive to start the work.

We may need to obtain permission from the DNO (such as National Grid or Northern PowerGrid) prior to installation – we look after all this for you. In some very limited cases, Planning Permission may also be needed.

A blue Amelio Solar van in front of the Amelio Solar offices

Step 5: The MCS Accredited Installation

Most domestic installations take up to a day or so depending on size and complexity. We usually get scaffolding erected the day before and it usually comes down within a few days of completion – we organise this when you are happy with the completed work.

Our professional installation team usually arrives early so we can complete the work and test the system during daylight hours.

We have roofing and electrical teams who work together to complete the installation as quickly as possible for you.

Constantin Sandu, a team member at Lincolnshire's Amelio Solar Energy, installing a solar panel.

Step 6: Post Installation Visit

Our Homeowner Advisor will visit again after the work is completed to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We will run through how everything works, connect you to the monitoring App and explain how to set up any related items such as immersion heat controllers, smart switches, or batteries. We will advise you on how to get the most out of these types of devices.

We will help you complete the paperwork for the Smart Export Guarantee and advise on the types of options for new electricity tariffs that may become available now that you have Solar Panels and/or battery storage.

Graham Bell, a team member at Lincolnshire's Amelio Solar Energy talking to homeowners.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

Whilst solar panel installations do not require vast amounts of maintenance, we are here to help answer any questions you may have in the future – we would much rather you call us than worry about anything, regardless of if it’s a week after installation and there’s something on the App you don’t understand; if its resetting your battery to charge from the grid in winter; or if its long after expiry of the warranty and there’s something you are unsure of!!!

Some maintenance is needed, and we recommend service of domestic size inverters every 3 years and panel cleaning, usually every 3-5 years depending on situation.

Be assured – we are with you for the long term…to help in relation to any concerns however small. We can also advise on upgrades for batteries and to the latest technology as it develops.

A lady inspects her solar edge battery system.

Why come to us

A Personal Service

All our homeowner clients have a dedicated Project Manager and Homeowner Adviser to guide them through the process of choosing the optimum solar solution and its installation

Award Winning Team

Amelio Solar Energy has won numerous awards over the years including most recently at the Energy Efficiency Awards and in the Lincolnshire’s Property and Construction Awards and Lincolnshire Energy Awards.

Knowledge & Experience

Clear pedigree with company having undertaken hundreds of installations around the UK for schools, petrol filling stations, McDonalds restaurants, Pipers Crisps, recycling centres, numerous farms, business parks, Universities, Council Offices, Village Halls and Hospitals…as well as for all our homeowner customers.

Smart Export Guarantee & Energy Tariffs

We provide advice on the new tariff structures becoming available and help you to claim the Smart Export

Consistent Quality

We use the top rated, most advanced Solar Panels and the World’s best inverter technology, all designed and installed by our professional teams through a fully accredited and quality assured service.


Safe and quality assured working practices through our MCS Accreditation

Achieve electricity freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom