The Independent reports on the future of solar

An array of solar panels installed by Lincolnshire solar business Amelio Solar Energy

According to The Independent, advances in solar panel technology, coupled with significantly lower costs mean millions of households could go fully off-grid with solar power alone.

Over the past decade the cost of solar power has dropped by almost 90%, meaning transitioning to solar energy can exceed expectations on economic viability.

The Independent was reporting on a recent publication by scientific journal, Joule, which found more than 30 million homes in Europe could meet all their energy needs using rooftop solar panels alone by 2050. Although the study shows these homes could go totally off-grid using solar energy, the greater macroeconomic benefit is for many homeowners to stay attached to the grid and feed excess energy back into the power system. 

The publication is backed by a separate study published by the University of Exeter and University College London, which concluded that solar energy will become the world’s main source of power within three decades.

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