Save money this summer with solar panels and a battery system

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To celebrate the summer months, Amelio Solar Energy is offering all homeowners a price match on any combined Solar PV and Battery Installation. This will provide you with the highest-quality product and installation without compromising on price.

Don’t get a cheap solar panel & battery system ❌ Get a long-lasting, quality system for the same price ✅

I would definitely recommend Amelio Solar Energy to my friends. I found them to be very professional, helpful, and informative. The whole process was completed exactly as they predicted, and we are very happy with the outcome.

Mr and Mrs Gelder


Amelio installed a PV system at our property in June including Eddi HW heating controller, price was competitive but moreover the all round service was excellent from survey to communications and the install team were tidy, polite and helpful. Everything left as the found it and happy to have a walk round on scaffold to talk about system and install. Highly recommended and no issues in 3.5 months of operation other than slashing my electricity and hot water bills.

Scott Allan

Thank you to the Amelio team for providing us with our solar panels, inverter and battery system.

The workmanship and equipment seem good quality and reflect the sound advice given by the sales team. We now have an appropriate and balanced system to suit our property and look forward to significantly reducing our crippling electricity bills. We were also encouraged by the continual excellent supporting communications from all the staff in the company.

We have no hesitation in recommending Amelio Solar Energy should you wish to take the solar energy route!

Michael Schofield

From the outset it was a friendly and pleasant experience. From the initial survey to the final installation of the batteries it all went very smoothly. It has all worked as they said it would. Well done Amelio.

John Elkington

Invest in solar panels to reduce your electricity bills

Solar panels, especially when combined with battery storage can provide a significant reduction on home electricity costs. The costs of installation have reduced considerably over the years as electricity prices have dramatically increased. There has been no better time to invest in a Solar PV and battery storage system.

Achieve electricity freedom

Terms & Conditions:

a) Offer only available on a combined Solar PV and Battery Storage Installation

b) Offer valid until 5 pm on 31 August 2024

c) Offers are available on a like-for-like basis on comparable quotes for the same size system. To include the same total panel output, quality of technology and battery size (within 10% of the same size.)

d) Alternative quote for comparison must be dated within one month of ours and be legitimate from an experienced installer.

    1. Alternative quote must be from an installer based in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire

    1. Domestic projects only

    1. Exclude new build projects for developers

    1. Property must be within Greater Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire

To redeem the offer, contact the team today quoting ‘Price Match.’

Call: 01522 370268, or get in touch via the form below:

Achieve Electricity Freedom