Mr and Mrs C, Nettleham - Solar Edge

This is the second PV system that Amelio Solar Energy have installed for Mr and Mrs C following an installation at their previous home and for a business. 

Mr and Mrs C decided to maximise the amount of solar panels it was possible to install on their roof space with a 5.74kWp, 12 panel system. The aesthetics were important to our clients therefore they opted to go with an all-black panel which suits their dark grey roof tiles. 

Amelio Solar Energy installed a premium solution in the form of a SolarEdge 5kW Home Hub Inverter and a 10kWh Solar Edge Home Battery. This features additional safety measures as well as allowing an increased amount of generation. This system is predicted to produce 4,530kWh a year. 

SolarEdge has a fantastic monitoring app which allows Mr and Mrs C to track their real time system production and household energy consumption, keeping them in control of their energy usage and savings. This also allows them to charge their battery from the grid using a cheap overnight tariff from Octopus. They also use this charge their electric car in Winter. 

This installation was commissioned in 2023 and we can see that over the 1st nine months actual generation is on track to reach the predicted level. 

The average price for electricity is currently 27p per kWh and so the savings for the 1st 6 months are £667 plus additional savings from charging the battery on low-cost electricity for around 4-5 months of the year.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom