Mr and Mrs B, Balderton - Fox

A photo of a Fox battery system, a high-quality affordable inverter and battery system.

Mr and Mrs B are relatively low electricity users- around 2,000kWh p.a. and so they came to us seeking to be as independent from the grid as possible. 

Amelio Solar Energy worked up a number of options, exploring different system sizes, technologies and battery systems. An 11 panel, 4,73kWp system was installed along with a 5kW Fox inverter and 5.8kWh of Fox Ess battery storage. This was a relatively large system in comparison to electricity consumption, however, was the desired solution to give the most independence from the grid for most of the year. 

The Fox system has a great monitoring app which allows Mr and Mrs B to track their real time system production and household energy consumption, keeping them in control of their energy usage and saving. They are also able to charge their battery from the grid using a cheap overnight tariff in the future if they so wish. 

This installation was commissioned in 2024 and so far the predictions are proving to be sound and as excepted.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom