Solar PV in Lincoln

A Lincolnshire home with an array of solar panels.

These householders wanted to maximise the amount of electricity they could generate to insulate them from rising electricity usage and prices as their family grows in the future. 

Amelio Solar Energy undertook a detailed survey of the roof and assessed different solar panel options to maximise output. In addition, detailed analysis was undertaken of consumption to work out their base load and the likely quantum of generation, assessing whether a battery connected to a solar panel system would be worthwhile. 

As a result Amelio Solar Energy installed the very latest technology available at the time from LG Solar – their Neon 2 panels with patented Cello technology. In addition, a SolarEdge inverter was installed to maximise the output of the system with full monitoring of both Solar PV generated electricity and actual consumption. 

A 10kWh battery manufactured by LG Chem was connected to the system, with the aim of reducing their electricity bills to virtually nothing for around 8 months of the year. 

The entire system is monitored in real time and since installation has demonstrated its worth, reducing bills by 68%. 

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom