Mr and Mrs P

A home with a double solar panel array.

Mr and Mrs P approached Amelio Solar Energy for their Solar PV and battery systems as we had installed a system for their friends which they were impressed with. 

Whilst the roof was of a good size the decision was made to try to have a system to suit their electrical usage as they are due to retire in the coming years. This resulted in a 4.74kWp, 12 panel system. The aesthetics were important to our clients therefore they opted to go with an all-black panel in two banks of 6 with each array facing SE and SW which helps maximise generation through the day. 

Amelio Solar Energy installed a robust solution in the form of an Alpha ESS 5kW inverter with a 5.7kWh battery. This system is predicted to produce 3,980kWh a year. 

Alpha has a comprehensive monitoring app which allows Mr and Mrs P to track their real time system production and household energy consumption, keeping them in control of their energy usage and savings. This also allows them to charge their battery from the grid using a cheap overnight tariff- they will do this once they are able to move from their current fixed tariff. 

This installation was commissioned in 2023 and we can see that actual generation is on track to exceed the predicted level. 

We have found the Alpha system easy to understand and simple to use. Brilliant from start to finish- a positive experience which continues to deliver. Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs P

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom