Lincoln Commercial Bodies

An array of solar panels at Lincolnshire Commercial Bodies.

We have installed at a commercial vehicle company in Lincoln which has over 250 years of coach building experience. With an annual electricity demand of over 77MWh’s they have seen their bills increase annually and felt they needed to do something about it. 

They first contacted us back in 2018, and through analysing their consumption information, we determined that a 49.88kWp system would help them to reduce their bills by around 40% per annum. 

Then, in 2024, they contacted us asking for us to undertake an in-depth review of their electricity usage, to see whether a battery would be appropriate for their site. We looked into this, and after analysing their data from the SolarEdge monitoring platform, concluded that a further array would be more appropriate. We therefore installed a 22.22kWp array which compliments their original installation, and will see a reduction of their electricity bills by over 50% cumulatively.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom