Guest House

Front view of the The Louder

The owners of The Loudor, a very well respected small hotel in North Hykeham near Lincoln, approached Amelio Solar Energy to see how renewable energy could support their business. 

The building dates back to the 1930s and was originally a private residence. The owners were refurbishing the guest house and adding extra rooms. Therefore, with additional guests generating consistently high energy and hot water demand, they were looking for ways to reduce energy bills and to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. 

Amelio Solar Energy installed both solar panels and a hot water heat pump at the Loudor Guest House. A 4kWp Solar PV system was installed on the flat asphalt roof. The Panels were perfectly aligned to face south and fitted onto specialist Console units so that no penetrations were made through the roof covering, allowing the roof to be easily recovered in the future. 

The hot water heat pump installation recycles hot air from the kitchen to create fresh hot water. The overall hot water storage capacity was also increased by 50% as part of the work thereby minimising the risk of residents running out of hot water. Gas consumption for hot water was also considerably reduced and is only really used as a back up to the heat pump.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom