Anglian Compressors

An array of solar panels at Anglian Compressors in Peterborough.

We were approached by an Air Compressor installation company based in Peterborough in 2022 as they use over 47MWh’s of electricity each year, and they wanted to help reduce their ongoing electricity costs.

The installation was started with a 64.8kWp installation on a trapezoidal roof, which covered all available roof space. This was anticipated to reduce the demand for grid purchased electricity by approximately 55%.

We monitored the consumption of the Solar PV over a number of months and it was concluded that a battery would compliment this installation well. In December of 2022, a 39.9kWh Alpha ESS battery was installed at the site, and they now have a demand of less than 40% from the grid.

Achieve Electricity Freedom

Achieve Electricity Freedom